On the blog.

- Sometimes, I'm fortunate enough to work with amazing brands and review their products on my blog, sometimes in exchange for a monetary payment, others in exchange for a free product. If a blog post written by me is a review of a product sent to me or a post promoting a product or brand (a sponsored post), it will be marked with an asterix (*) and it will be noted at the end of the post. 

- All opinions and views posted on this blog are my own. I'm not forcing you to agree with them all but I am asking you to respect them. If you want to debate over a topic, I am happy to do so in a civil manner, but any nasty or rude comments will be reported and author's of said comment's will be blocked. 

- Pictures are sourced from Pixabay unless otherwise stated at the end of a post.

-Gif's are sourced from Giphy.com unless otherwise stated at the end of a post.

- All content written on this blog is original and my own unless otherwise stated in the relevant post.

Working with brands.

- If I kindly receive a product from a brand for the purposes of a review or am paid to write a post about a product or brand, I will make this evident in the review post by placing an asterisk in the title (*) and stating that I was generously gifted at the end of the blog post. 

- I will always write honestly about a product. If I don't like it, I will say so. I'm not happy to recommend a product I don't like to my readers.

- I am in full control of what content is written regarding the review. You may not request specific things to be written by me. 

- Sending me a product does not guarantee a review unless agreed otherwise before hand. If the product does not fit me or is something I can not use, I will not review it.

- I do not send copies of my work over to be reviewed by a brand before publishing, due to the fact that I will publish my own creative work on my blog and have full control over all posts.

If you need more information or have a question for me please email florencegrace13@gmail.com



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