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I'm Florence Grace, more commonly known as Flo. 'Love from, Florence Grace' was started on July 31st 2014, following the advice of some media professionals, in an attempt to "create a voice" for myself within the media industry and jump start my dream career. So far it seems to be working! Since starting my blog just over a year ago now, I have done so many incredible things, met so many wonderful people, worked with some great brands and made some amazing connections.

I work part time in Topshop, I am a magazine columnist for Amor magazine and Vale Life magazine, and a freelance journalist, social media manager and content creator for a variety of websites and online publications. Occasionally I work with 4music, creating videos to be played on numerous shows, such as 'Trending Live', as well as attending live shows and I also study an NCTJ diploma in magazine journalism online.

I'm also the founder and editor of Love from... magazine, a UK based lifestyle magazine distributed in both print and digital copies across the UK, Europe and even in some parts of the USA. You can find out more about that here.

Previously, I was a social media manager for London based clothing company, 'Young Britannia' and a radio presenter on youth radio station Blink FM, presenting my own show on a weekly basis.

To keep up with what I'm doing, make sure to visit me on my other social media pages:



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