My name is Florence Grace (clue's in the name, huh?) but most people know me as Flo! I like to describe myself as a 'content creator'... 9-5 I work as a Communications Officer, which means blogging, writing articles, press releases and news stories as well as creating social media content and campaigns, planning events for the company I work for and other bits and pieces. However, when I'm not working I'm creating content for myself - blogging, running my freelance business and helping clients with content creation, landing myself presenting and voiceover gigs where I can and running QUEEN Instazine

I'm sassy, outgoing and incredibly ambitious in all that I do, a firm advocate for self love and body positivity. When I'm not working, I like to drink wine, binge watch TV crime dramas, eat out at different restaurants and explore the world (I'm starting to shop for holidays more than I do clothes!)

My 'niche', so to speak, is self love and body positivity. Discovering those two things changed my entire life, and now I teach other people about them to encourage them to begin on their own journeys to self acceptance and appreciation! That's exactly what you'll find over here on my blog, with sprinklings of girl power, feminism and the odd swear word or two.

Created on the 31st July 2014, my blog has allowed me to go on and do some absolutely unreal and incredible things, including having my own radio show, working with 4Music, becoming a published author, starting my own magazine, setting up my own business and much, much more!

If you're interested in working with me, you can visit my page here to have a nosy at packages and prices. Alternatively, drop me an email at florencegrace13@gmail.com to discuss collaboration and sponsorship opportunities!

To keep up with what I'm doing, make sure to visit me on my other social media pages:


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