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Sponsorship and Collaborative posts work for all kinds of things, including but not limited to products, events, businesses and brands. I offer several different sponsorship/collaboration packages, including a variety of content creation such as: 

 - Microblogging (typically done on Instagram)

- Video Content (using Snapchat or IGTV features)
- Blogging (full length blog posts) 
- Social Media Content (tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook posts)

Get in touch with me to discuss what you're looking for and get a free quote.


On occasion, I am happy to review a product on my blog, as long as the product is in line with my brand and I genuinely love it. I do receive a lot of sample products and cannot guarantee that every one will make it onto my blog.

*DISCLAIMER: All sponsored and collaborative posts will be disclosed in all posts. All posts will remain up indefinitely (minimum 7 days) but if a brand presents itself in a negative light online that can damage the reputation of Love from, Florence Grace, the collaboration will be removed.*

You can see who I have previously collaborated with here.


Hire Me As A Presenter

I am a freelance presenter available for one off opportunities as well as ongoing projects (e.g. Podcast series, TV shows etc.) Previously I have presented on TV, Radio, hosted events and presented business conferences. Please get in touch via email at to see and hear previous recordings and videos from my show reel and to discuss any upcoming opportunities. 

I am also available for voice over opportunities. 

Hire Me As A Social Media Assistant or Content Creator

I am available to hire as a Social Media Assistant (virtual or 'real life') and as a Content Creator on a freelance basis for both ongoing and one off projects.

As a Social Media Assistant, I can work with you on purely a digital basis or on a face to face basis dependent on your location and schedule. I will assist you in setting up social media profiles, editing them to suit your business/brands needs, run your profiles for you and also create an engaging social media strategy. To an extent, I can also assist with web design. Once you feel you no longer need my assistance, I will provide a detailed handover and a tutorial so that you're able to run your social media profiles without my assistance. However, even once our contract is terminated, I am always just an email or phone call away to help you out if necessary!

As a Content Creator, I can do just that - create content for you. I have created digital and print content, and can assist in creating images, videos, podcasts and written content for you.

Get in touch with me to discuss your needs and receive a free quote.

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